Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Papaya smoothie

Make this smoothie and make it a habit,addiction and no need to woorry over it.
I have used papaya and yogurt with a pinch of salt,nothing else.
It is the healthiest,filling smoothie ever.
Use sugar/honey or scoop of icecream for kids.
Even people who doesn't like eating papaya will like it.
Papaya cut into cubes-2 cups

Yogurt(curds)-1 cup

Salt-1 pinch
Use chiiled papaya and yogurt.
Blend until smooth and serve.

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Foehre said...

Actually I made something like this some weeks ago, but with milk instead of yogurt and it was delicious! It almost tasted like some kind of chocolate drink, rather than a fruit juice. Such a full, creamy and stuffing flavor!
Sure with yogurt it is yummy. Now that I am making my own yogurt everyday and have a lot of it I will try :)

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