Friday, March 12, 2010

How to Sprout green gram

Making sprouts with green gram is easier and faster.
 During sprouting, the trypsin inhibitors, which are commonly present in the raw pulses and delays their digestibility, are also inactivated.
The vitamins -A, B-Complex and C increase rapidly during germination.
In moong sprouts the vitamin A content increases by 285%, thiamine by 208%, riboflavin by an astounding 515%, niacin by 256% and finally ascorbic acid by 600%.
When the seeds sprout, shoots appear earlier than roots.
The sprouts are maximally nutritious, if consumed before the roots start emerging.
Take 1 cup of green gram(moong beans)
Select even sized fresh grams.
Remove broken ones.
Wash and soak in water.
Water should be 2 inches above the green grams
Soak for 24 hours.
Only when it is soaked for a day the gram sprouts well and it is thicker too.
Drain well and put in a perforated plate/sieve or a towel.
 A few has started sprouting while it was soaking

Tie it or cover it and keep in a warm place.
Alternately you can put in a casserole and cover.
Check in a day.If dry sprnikle some water.
It is one when the sprout is an inch long.

Remove any grams that is not sprouted and store in an airtight container.

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